Our advice is unbiased. We're independent so we don't need to sell you anything.
You can expect financial education and governance consulting that provides practical answers to real-life questions.

Financial Education

Our programs allow flexibility for employees to access valuable information as they go through different stages of their financial life

Our services are designed to ultimately provide an organization with a comprehensive retirement and financial planning education program, tools and resources for their employees over the span of the employee’s working lifetime.

These services include:

Retirement Planning seminars for older employees

Financial Education seminars for younger employees

Quarterly financial articles or newsletters

Periodic short presentations on topical issues

Savings and decumulation strategies

Online library of material and resources

Governance Consulting

Our programs are customized to meet the particular needs of our clients and their specific programs.

Our governance consulting practice provides an independent and unbiased perspective on your governance structures, practices and service providers.

These services include:

Education of Boards and Pension Committees

Independent Chair or member of Pension Board

Assistance with Mergers & Acquisitions

Governance structures & practices

Benefit plan audits

Aid with advisor selection tender process